Free wildcard SSL combined with runcloud and cloudflare

SSL certificates are getting cheaper, but yet they are costly if you need an SSL certificate for wildcard domain. Today we’ll talk about how to achieve a free wildcard SSL certificate using Runcloud as server manager and Cloudflare as your DNS and CDN provider. All this can be achieved with free plans on both platforms.

Getting started

First and foremost we have to set up a server with runcloud.

For the sake of this post, we assume cloudflare is connected to the domain name of your choice and that you have basic knowledge on how to use cloudflare.

Login to your cloudflare account and click on the profile tab in the upper right corner. Click on “My Profile” and scroll down to “API Keys”.

cloudflare api keys

On the “Global API key” click the blue “View” button and enter your account password to get the API key.

Once the API Key is obtained, copy it to the clipboard.


Add Cloudflare API Key to Runcloud

Login to runcloud and click on the “Settings” wheel in the upper right corner. Head to “3rd party API key” and you will see this

runcloud 3rd party api

Label this API with eg; “Cloudflare API”, and under service select “Cloudflare”

Then enter your Cloudflare username and paste the Cloudflare Global API Key in the “Secret” form, then hit “Add API Key”

Now we have successfully added Cloudflare API Key to the Rouncloud account.


Adding Let’s Encrypt wildcard SSL to your web application

Go to the actual web application inside the server and hit “SSL/TLS” in the left menu. Make sure it’s on Let’s Encrypt, choose dns-01 as the authorization method, select Cloudflare API we added under “Third Party API” and set a “Live – Real SSL Certificate” as the preferred environment.

runcloud ssl wildcard cloudflare

Once you have submitted, everything should be up and running. Easy and free!


Remember to add wildcard domains to your web application in runcloud and a wildcard CNAME record in your Cloudflare DNS. 



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