Notepad++ with SFTP

Working on a website from the backend can sometimes be a lot of work. Opening the FTP client, downloading the file, editing and re-upload – it takes time!

There is a great, no, awesome solution out there and its been around for a while. If you haven’t heard about it yet you’re going to love this. Notepad++ is known to be the best text editor out there, its loved by developers around the world and the most used.

Notepadd++ comes with a plugin interface where you can download and install things like NppFTP.

NppFTP integrates with notepad++ and works wonders, open any file and it directly opens in your editor. Save the file and it automatically uploads and replaces the old one. Trust me, it’s so good and time-saving!



Download notepad++  and NppFTP

We wish you a speedy recovery of the mindblowing stuff you just discovered.

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