SEO Techniques to rank on first page

There are three reasons why most people use the search engines, and that is: for a directional purpose, online transactions and lastly to obtain information. To simplify this process, the search engines have to categorize the never-ending list of matching websites and blogs which appear to solve the needs of web users. A priority listing is achieved when Search Engine Optimization is applied.

In reference to the title, most website owners and bloggers depend on SEO to improve their ranking and visibility in popular search engines like Google or Yahoo. It is easy to get ranked first in the search engine result pages (SERP) if you take advantage of what people search for, especially, the keywords they use.

SEO is a technique mostly used by companies and businesses to survive the competition where similar products and services are being offered. For bloggers, it is a strategy to generate more traffic for passive income. To some extent, it is a fundamental technique for people who are new to social media marketing. There are millions of websites and blogs, so the chances of your site appearing at the top are less if you do not adhere to SEO.

SEO can be categorized into two: Off page and On page optimization.  On page is normally done within the website pages, while off page optimization occurs when you build a link, comment in another blog, use social media marketing, submit articles in directories and using Press release. The two optimizations are useful in the distribution of information on the World Wide Web.

To be on the safer side, you should learn how the search engines operate. Basically, they are run by automated software applications, bloggers and website designers may call them bots, robots or spiders. Using the bots, information is gathered through databases located in data centers all over the world; this includes interlinked documents found on the web.

The data received is fed in a mathematical equation which automatically generates the ranking- a searchable index of the Web. Therefore, search engines simplify the searches by linking the query to the website code. When you receive a first-page ranking, you increase chances of directing more traffic to your website or blog- the simplest way to generate organic traffic.

Business enterprises invest a lot on digital marketing campaigns through SEO professionals with the skills to guarantee a higher search engine ranking.

You cannot implement a competitive SEO without considering social media marketing. In simple terms, most of your links will depend on the number of social media platforms you have when you need to share your information. Try the most populated social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram or Instagram. This prompts you to open up accounts, pages and discussion forums for your prospects to interact with your products and services.

Search engines have rules and regulations to keep. Failure to which, your website or blog may risk being left out of the ranking process or end up with a discouraging lower ranking. For this reason, let me introduce you to two types of SEO techniques:  Black Hat and White Hat. These techniques are used differently to target human audience.

White Hat SEO technique is used when the owner of the blog or website seeks to gain trust from the search engines.  This is an advantage to many because the algorithms are bound to change. However, this technique takes quite some time to produce good results.

How to use White Hat SEO technique
  • Much of SEO is concentrated on the quality of content in your website. Search engines aim to provide exclusive content to the web user, so they will consider your content in the ranking process.
  • The search engine also considers your website origination and structural presentation- how well you have divided your content. A well-organized page simplifies the ease of bots discovering your data. Meta Data and subject titles also play a part in giving search engine bots access to your content.
  • You should also concentrate on developing winning keywords or key phrases through research and tools available online.
  • Pay attention to links that are highly regarded by the search engines: use quality Inbound links from other websites or blogs.

Black Hat SEO technique do not obey search engine guidelines; they mostly use aggressive SEO strategies and Techniques. This is by far the only unethical means of getting a faster and higher search rankings. People who use this technique are focused on getting rich fast.

How Black Hat SEO technique is used
  1. Webmasters use automation to simplify and improve the distribution of content to an array of media channels. It is an important tool in streamlining any content development process. They use programmable software to generate content that makes no sense to the reader but complies with search engine quality guidelines.
  2. They also use doorway pages, gateway pages or jump pages which are sites or pages that converge users to one page through intermediate pages. They tend to use domain names or code swapping to achieve this. Link manipulation plays a huge part in this technique.
  3. In a bid to manipulate search engines, web designers use keyword stuffing. This is the excessive use of numbers, keywords or key phrases on a web page. They tend to use lists of phone numbers and blocks of text listing cities and states. Any unnatural content presentation that has no meaning is considered as keyword stuffing.
  4. Search engines can also be spammed when hidden text or links are used. Also called “fake text or invisible text, they consist text that is not viewable by visitors of your site. This technique allows web designers to use irrelevant keywords in a hidden text- an advance way to accomplish keyword stuffing.

Google considers the following as hidden text:

  • Using the same text color as the background
  • Linking a small character (hyphen or comma) to hide a link
  • Using a zero font size
  • Using CSS to position text off-screen
  • Positioning a text behind an image


  1. Since websites require fresh content for evaluation, most web developers use spinning software to generate content from already existing documents. Article spinning is the cheapest way of generating different versions of an article. Developers may also use scraped content to increase the volume of pages on their site; this is more like copying content from other sites without adding any unique feature inside. Any copyright infringement is considered as a Black Hat SEO technique.
  2. Web developers also use link schemes that involve the exchange of monetary, goods or services values for links or linked posts that pass PageRank. Unnatural links, link farming, link wheeling and creating link networks are also included.
  3. Web designers can go as far as using deceptive and misleading techniques such as cloaking- presenting different content to users and search engines. It is more of treating search engine bots differently to the user agent.
  4. Sometimes web designer may redirect you from one URL to another. However, sneaky redirects are treated differently. This is just like cloaking, but the intention is more of redirecting a user to a different page with different content other than the one available in the search engine crawler
  5. Some web designers, especially cyber criminals or hackers may create pages with malicious behavior like automatic downloads, malware or ad pop ups.
  6. Webmasters may also consider killing competition by reporting their competitors. This is allowed when you spot your competitor using Black Hat SEO techniques.

It is evident that Black Hat methods oppose search engine policies and are designed purposely for search engines. Web sites and blogs that operate on Black Hat techniques are designed for temporary use.

Permanent websites or blogs use White Hat SEO techniques to rank on the first page. This means value to the user is given first priority content is King. Therefore, you should avoid Black Hat techniques and learn how to place keywords and key phrases appropriately and determine the keyword density for your page.  Learn also how to generate acceptable backlinking. The webmaster has the final decision of which technique is to be used on the site to drive traffic and increase sales on products and services offered.

Nowadays people access social media and websites through smartphones. It is also important to follow any new mobile SEO rules. By abiding by Mobile SEO policies, you are creating an opportunity for your site to be user-friendly- accessible and easy to navigate. You may boot your website by increasing the loading speed.

Your website or blog has to be updated regularly to keep up with the competition; go through the new policies of guidelines and algorithm changes.

Advantages of SEO for your website and blog
  • It improves your ranking on search engines.
  • When you get a higher ranking, your products and services get highlighted first. This, in turn, boosts conversion rates and raise sales.
  • SEO reduces your marketing cost since you only need to focus on your content to generate traffic. It is part and parcel of web design, so your website design investment covers for it.
  • It gets you ahead of your competitors and increases your viewership. This also increases your market by discovering new prospects from different parts of the world.
  • The technique allows you to expand through marketing mix.
  • SEO will help your company reach out to the right audience; this ensures that the information you intend to convey is received.

In online marketing, there are certain considerations you should make to get a high search engine ranking. First and foremost, you should update your content frequently, by doing this, your visitors will keep on coming for more information. Since content is King, ensure that you check for grammar, punctuations and any other mistakes that may arise- make sure you proofread your work.

When using keywords and key phrases, make sure that you obtain an effective tool that will generate relevant words and phrases. You are recommended to use long tail and specific keywords if you want to generate massive traffic.

Backlinking can also be an effective tool in generating traffic if used in accordance with the search engine guidelines. Through linking, you get to attract more prospects and thus able to get good sales conversions. Use social media platforms to generate the inbound links, this way you can have your friends help you share links and content to attract more readers. When linking to other websites, make sure that the source you are using has a higher ranking.

Start discussions by commenting on blogs and forums with a high concentration of prospects; take advantage of Q&A sites.

Another crucial action is to weigh the option of hiring a company to assist you in SEO or enrolling for SEO training. Fortunately, there are enough downloadable materials on social media marketing.  YouTube is also a good site to use when you need visual illustrations on how to use SEO techniques to rank on the first page.

The importance of hiring is that it spares you the need of acquiring tools and software; it reduces the burden of getting deeply involved in learning complex strategies. When hiring, look for local companies that are within your region of operation: Global SEO companies are good bets for big companies that sell products and services across the world.


The rule of thumb to rank on the first page depends on the ease of access, navigation, page loading, reading and consistency in the design layout. When your site is popular, be assured that you will get a higher ranking, provided that your text and links are in line with the search engine quality guidelines.

The journey to search engine ranking requires perseverance and patience.To see the results unfold, you will have to work hard, especially, when you venture in a competitive line of interest. You can easily beat your competitors when you read books and material resources written by web designers and bloggers who have succeeded in dominating search engine ranking. The higher the ranking, the more the traffic.

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